Les soldes ~ Sales

Well, how to begin.. For a week approximately, the sales began.. And i was so exited to buy a lot of clothes,  but in Annecy there is nothing!ノToT)ノ I've a rather particular style which mixs the old, the sophisticated and the gyaru fashion. My lover, as for him, succeeded found many of clothes!! Grrrrr

I found a cardigan sweater and a jacket in the shop H&M.

I think i'm going to go in another city to go to the sales, 'cause I need a bag for my Asus and an average handbag to put all my trinkets and also a new billfold! I have too many cards now.  

I want also to cut my hair but i d't like hairdresser from Annecy 'cause they d't know how to cut long hair! So i am my own hairdresser krkrkrkr I'll cut my hair and will make a brow-dry  like thoses videos on Youtube. ☆彡


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