2 days in Annecy~

Hey everobody !!!! 
Sorry,  i didn't post nothing since a few days..
~ 1YEAR&9MONTH with my darling 
Together since November 15th, 2010 

My Wednesday, August 15th: First of all, we went to the restaurant " Le Rital " and in the same time, there were my parents who looked for a restaurant.. So, they came with us to eat! I took a pizza "Indiana" it's a pizza with some curry and the chicken. My darling has took one 100% cheese. My father one "Mafioso" it's with some chorizo and peppers. And my mother a big salad with spanish ham. It was sooooo good! Then, we went on the motorboat in the Lake Annecy during 1 hour. Finally, I spent the afternoon to rest because it was really warm.. I had forgotten.. I didn't have been able to do some  shopping, because we were the Ascension Day! Haha   }

My Thursday, August 16th:  Another day of heat!  We, my two sisters and I, went to shopping in Annecy. I spent more than 75€ in underwear!!! Haaaa I am crazy of these rustle and about these laces!! Then, there was nothing in stores with regard to clothes.. I bought some small knickknacks for the apartment of my darling and I!

  1. Underwear {KYAAAAAAA.. Beautiful ribbons and beautiful lace} 75€
  2. A baroque photo frame, to put in the bedroom, with a photo of my darling and I. 2€
  3. A money box in strawberry (which smells the strawberry!!) 2,5€
  4. A ball quibbles for lamppost. 2€
  5. A candle bamboo. (For the bathroom) 2€
  6. A pink candle (which smells the rose) for our lover's room. 3,5€

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